• This is a commercial order that you are placing.
  • This order needs to be picked from the nearest local Airports cargo facility by you.
  • You are aware that you are buying fresh imported mangoes
  • All sales are final. No cancellation, No exchanges, No refunds.
  • We import mangoes from Pakistan and India after we receive an order from you via air cargo
  • These are fresh fruits Mangoes
  • You will also receive them at the local airport through local air cargo services.
  • It is customers duty to check all boxes for any physical damages or shortages before you accept the physical delivery. If there is any such occurrence customers need to inform the person at the air cargo facility and have the situation registered by writing on a air way bill and make a damage report with the facility.
  • In case the customer fails to do the above than we will not be able to accept any claims
  • We do not claim that the mangoes to be yellow or  having an aromatic smell or to be sweet, as it is a fruit and have many different characteristics from fruit to fruit.
  • By accepting the above terms you are foregoing any rights to a dispute for any reason
  • Also by accepting you agree and understand all these terms
Order must be minimum of 20 boxes of same variety