Pakistani Sindhri Mangoes TAKING ORDERS for May 21st Delivery


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Exclusively Hand picked from Malik orchards in Sindh Pakistan. Only grade AAA export quality mangoes. buy with confidence only company that is importing Pakistani mangoes for 4 years. Best of the best mangoes only from KING MANGOES

Pre order is open order now to get priority on delivery as orders placed 1st will be shipped 1st as well. limited quantity at the start of the season

Leading variety from the Sind provice of Pakistan, just the thought of the mango can transport a person to the idyllic shade of the mango tree, basking in the summer sun waiting for the next ripe mango to fall into your lap.

Its origin is from Mir Pur Khas in the Sindh province of Pakistan



*All commercial orders need to be picked by you from your local airport. Commerical orders need to be minimum of 25 boxes. For more information, call this number

(832) 716 6106 Omer Malik